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Exuberant and curious about everything, especially you. 


I'm a bright-eyed scientist who left academia to work for a European VC. My inner nerd loved talking biotech all day, but other parts of me were left lusting for more. 


In my personal life, men are sometimes put off by my lively appetite and I'm here looking for someone who won't judge me for my desires. 


An insatiable extrovert, I revel in moments of connection. I'm the sort to get a stranger's life story on an afternoon train ride, go to a party alone and leave with a host of new friends, or catch a last minute flight to a foreign city and end up with a whirlwind weekend romance to remember.


I'm one of those perpetually lucky people who finds adventure and fortune around every corner--I've skied the Alps, trekked the Himalayas, dabbled in the wild world of startups, motorbiked across entire countries, and somehow survived with a few scars and stories to show for it.

I'm unabashedly myself and welcome the same in others. I'm sometimes sassy, often sweet, superlatively silly, and delight in venturing beyond social scripts. Let's talk exoplanets, evolution, free will, primatology, and kink. 






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IMG_1125 2.jpeg

"One of those rare women who can actually find the dick"


"Pretty sure if she were less horny she would have taken over the world by now"

"Not great at detecting street signs, but seems human enough"

-ReCaptcha Founder

"Really enjoyed her tight...five comedy routine"

"She sure knows a lot about dolphin penises"

"Depending on how you define 'enjoy,' I enjoyed the sex event"

"Came for the conversation, stayed for the existential crisis. Would recommend to enemies"

"She's the Picasso of awkward silences and uncomfortable laughter. A true artist"

"So captivatingly weird, I cancelled my next ayahuasca retreat and rebooked Lucy"

"Looks good from the front and the back"


  • What's your preferred etiquette?
    If we're meeting in public, please include the donation in a card or small gift (like a book or magazine). If we're meeting in private, please leave the donation in a clearly visible place, like a counter, and then excuse yourself to the restroom.
  • What should I expect on longer dates?
    It's always nice to have a relaxed encounter with time to share a meal while we let natural tension grow and our connection deepen. I'm open minded—let's go to your favorite restaurant, sample every froyo flavor, and head off to belly laugh together at a comedy show. As we're descending to the subway platform to catch our train, we spot a small staircase leading in an unexpected direction. Feeling spontaneous, we follow it down three, four, five flights. We’re about to turn back, when we reach a long winding corridor at the bottom, and the commotion of the bustling station above is only barely audible. Emboldened by one another's company, we carefully begin to walk deeper into the belly of the earth, our footsteps echoing strangely off the florescent-lit subway tile. Minutes pass, and the excitement is joined by a note of fear. We hear faint noises ahead, and pause to listen. Peals of sparkling laughter echo toward us, mingling with a strange sound between a chorus of bells and a great, growling machine. We hold one another's gaze for a long moment, knowing in our bones that we’re not turning back.We walk faster, and the great glittering din grows louder. We're running now, with a bright welling of desire in our chests. The corridor opens up and we find ourselves at the precipice of a sprawling land, bright as day and lush with alien greenery. Stunned, we take in the strange gleaming machinery and joyous denizens of this Elysian land. It's the mole people. We lock eyes, and with the faintest nod, we step forward—together.
  • What cities do you visit?
    I'm often in the Bay Area, and also spend time in NYC, Austin, LA, and Denver. I'm available to fly to you if you cover my business class flight + $1000 for travel time, and book a minimum of 6 hours. I'm an avid traveler and would love to explore a new city with you. Feel free to inquire about my rates for longer getaways!
  • Do you require a deposit?
    For dates longer than 4 hours, I'd appreciate a 20% deposit in crypto or gift cards. For any dates involving travel, please provide travel expenses upfront plus a 20% deposit.
  • Can I extend once a date is underway?
    Absolutely. If we find ourselves wanting a little more time together, an additional donation of 1000 will give us another hour to enjoy one another.
  • How will you ensure confidentiality?
    Discretion is incredibly important to me, and I'll readily work with you to alleviate any privacy concerns you may have. I have a number of high profile clients and am always happy to sign an NDA upon request.
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